Persian Rug Cleaning

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Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are a central and important part of Persian art and culture. Persia now known as Iran made many styles and patterns of rug, the styles of these older rugs can often be matched to the specific town or city within Persia where the rug was produced. 

The earliest known Persian rug has been radiocarbon dated to the 5th century BC leading to it being considered the world’s oldest rug.  Persian rugs can be subdivided into two main types of design, the curvilinear designs are usually made in the Persian cities whilst the more rectangular designs are made in the outlying villages. Patterns within a Persian rug generally have a formal border around the outside of the rug with a central pattern with can be either replicated along the rug, or mirror imaged to produce a rug with a symmetrical pattern and central medallion.

Iran has over 1.2 million people employed as weavers and the export of Persian rugs account for a large proportion of the world market. Persian rugs with an age prior to 1970 are generally very well made and clean very well, they are susceptible to bleeding of colours however this is overcome if the correct rug cleaning methods and cleaning solutions are used.

Prestige Cleaning Services have over 20 years of Persian rug cleaning experience, we are able to effectively clean all types of Persian rugs and carpets.

An additional service we offer as part of our professional Persian rug cleaning service is a protectant which can be applied to all rugs if required following the cleaning process.

The Persian Rug Cleaning Process
  • A pre-inspection of the persian rug is completed and the findings communicated back to the customer
  • The pile lifter is used to release the persian rug's pile and ready the rug for the rug badger
  • The rug badger moves across the persian rug using 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute to remove solid soil and dust from the rug
  • Any pre-cleaning solutions are added to the rug at this stage including the die control which can often be required for Persian rugs
  • The first wet process in the cleaning of your persian rug is carried out with the initial soak
  • The front of the persian rug is cleaned, it is turned over and then the rear of the persian rug is cleaned
  • Cleaning solutions are agitated throughout the rug and then it is cleaned for a second time both front and rear
  • The waste water and solutuion removal process begins
  • The persian rug is given an initial rinse
  • Placed in the centrafuge to begin removal of water
  • A second rinse takes place to ensure all waste water is cleaned from the persian rug
  • Again the centrafuge is used to remove the rinse water
  • The Persian rug is then loaded onto the hydraulic drying rack
  • Once on the drying rack the rug is groomed to ensure the pile is in the correct position

Videos of all the above processes showing how we clean a persian rug are available here.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our Persian rug cleaning and restoration services please do call Leisa on 0800 228 9574 or use our contact page.

Click below to see video clips of each part of the Persian rug cleaning process:


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