Rug Urine Cleaning / Removal

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Rug Urine Cleaning / Removal

When urine is deposited on to a rug it is in an acidic state, as the urine dries it will turn into an alkaline. Wool likes to be in a slightly acidic state so anything high in alkaline can cause permanent staining/damage to the rug even bleaching the fibres. This can also disable the dyes in wool rugs, in some cases this will not be noticeable until the rug is washed when it becomes quite obvious.

The other main problem though is the odour. Simply cleaning a rug with a urine issue will remove little or no odour. The dry urine salts or crystals can "off gas" even with the slightest rise in humidity and can continue to do so for up to 5 years.

The first step of the process would be to prevent the fugitive dye from reattaching themselves to other parts of the rug.

The second step of the process is to soak the rug in an acid rinse solution to bring the affected areas of the rug back to an acidic state.

The third step of the process is then to use a rug roller to squeegee the acid solution through the rug sometimes for up to 2 hours to help ensure that the urine crystals are broken down ready to be removed.

The fourth step of the process is to wash and sanitise the rug to kill off any harmful bacteria and bugs that may be present in the urine using an antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal product. The wash process may then be repeated if necessary depending on the severity of the urine.

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